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Raw meat for dogs contains high levels of bacteria says a recent survey

Foods play an important role in improving the living conditions of dogs effectively allowing them to stay away from health risks. The diet plan for a puppy, adult, and elder dog may vary based on health conditions. It is necessary to consult with a veterinary doctor before feeding a dog. This will help to prevent a dog from several ailments. Most people prefer raw meat food for dogs instead of other foods because it results in more advantages. However, it is becoming a controversial one over the recent years due to several issues.

What is a raw food diet?      

A raw food diet for dogs mainly consists of muscle meat, bones, fruits, vegetables, raw eggs, and dairy products. It has been proved that raw meat can result in various advantages to a dog. Some of them include shiner coats, healthy skin, high energy levels, cleaner tooth, and smaller stool. At the same time, one should determine whether raw meat is a good choice for a dog or not after consulting with a veterinarian. Another thing is that it provides ways for preventing a dog from health complications to a large extent.

How raw meat can cause potential threats?

A recent study conducted by university staffs in Germany says that the raw meat contains high levels of bacteria that can result in potential threats. They collected nearly 31 samples and tested them in a laboratory. The result revealed that the bacterial levels exceeded the maximum levels set by the European standards. Moreover, it even said that about one-third of the samples contain Escherichia coli that can cause gastrointestinal disorders in dogs. Raw meat can also result in health risks to people who are having poor immunity levels.

What are some other pathogens present in raw meat?

There are some pathogens in raw meat that could cause illness in dogs and human beings. Some of them include Salmonella, Sarcocystis, Campylobacter, Neospora, and so on. All of them may cause cancer, infections, and other problems to dogs affecting the quality of life. In addition, they can cause fecal contamination resulting in risks. The raw meat is not a regulated one that comes with nutritional imbalances which can lead to health threats in dogs over time. Some chemicals present in the raw meat may result in sensitivity to dogs which taking the same.

Is raw meat an ideal meal for a dog?

Most veterinarians don’t recommend raw meat to dogs because it is not an appropriate one. Since the raw meat diet contains high protein levels, it is not a suitable one for dogs which are having immunosuppressive diseases. The puppies are not a good candidate for raw meat because it may cause diarrhea and other symptoms. Pet owners who want to try a new raw meat-based diet should consult a veterinary physician first for ensuring high protection. It is advisable to make a complete study of raw diets before purchasing foods from a nearby store that gives ways to experience peace of mind.